After all these years, I did it! I finally LAUNCHED my website! I have always wanted to be a writer, I even went to school to pursue a career in journalism. I graduated college with a BA in Media and Communication Arts, concentrating in journalism. While hunting for my first job, I came across a job posting for a health writer for SELF magazine. This job required the RD (Registered Dietitian) credential, and that was my ah-ha moment. I decided to pursue a career in nutrition, knowing that I wanted to combine my passion for nutrition with my passion for writing. As time and technology evolved, I promised myself to create a website. So here I am.

My philosophy

As a dietitian, I believe in science. Anything and everything (unless mentioned) I write about will be based on science. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and try my best to deter from using the term “diet”. I believe in educating people and helping them understand WHY instead of telling them WHAT to do. Everyone has a choice, a choice to make a change in their lives or a choice to stay the same. Only WE can control OURSELVES and no one else. I provide the tools and YOU have the choice to use them or not.

This website will have various topics including, top nutrition trends, infant and mom nutrition, restaurant and product reviews (a disclaimer will be visible for products I have received any compensation for) and any topics that have been requested. Please feel free to contact me with any topics that you want to read about! After all, I am here for YOU!


I am excited to have you join me on this new journey!



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