The Seriously Nutritious Approach!

Neurodivergence and nutrition is something I am extremely passionate about. If you have ever googled diets for autism or ADHD, you might find a bunch of different diets to try. There is an OVERWHELMING amount of information on the internet, and if you are a neurodivergent parent, it will be even MORE overwhelming for you. Seriously Nutritious is here to provide you with all of the information needed to understand these diets, how they work, and if they’re right for your child. There are so many nutrients that benefit brain health and overall health, but if your child will not touch any of these foods, it is irrelevant. There may be sensory issues that hold the kiddos back from trying new foods, there may be medication that can decrease appetite, there may be impulsivity and hyperfocusing on certain foods. I

This page will focus mainly on ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder, but it is not limited to, since neurodivergence goes way above and beyond these three. There is SO much frustration among these families, understandably so. If you have a kiddo that refuses to eat ANYTHING outside of their “five faves” you know exactly what I mean. We will focus on what is similar to their familiar.

The Seriously Nutritious Signature Program is being developed with all of this in mind.