Building a balanced plate

Healthy is such a subjective term. Healthy can mean so many different things to so many different people. It is important to be mindful when using this term. One person may think that a healthy meal could mean grilled chicken, broccoli, and quinoa. Meanwhile someone else can think healthy means eating lunchables with a banana.

Balance is a better way to describe food and meals. The infographic below explains how to create balanced meals and snacks by using the balanced plate method. The balanced plate method emphasizes on filling up half of the plate with fiber rich foods (produce), a quarter of the plate with protein, and the last quarter of the plate with carbohydrates. It is important to ensure that fat is included in the meal. The combination of these foods may help with satiety and blood sugar stabilization.

Here is an example that can be considered “unhealthy” but lets apply the balanced plate method and see what that looks like:

Hamburger on a bun with a side salad

1) add a salad on half the plate for fiber

2) the hamburger is protein and fat

3) the bun is your source of carbohydrates

4) fat from oil based dressing and hamburger

The same thing goes for pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken. All of these foods are higher in fat, sodium, and processed, but they taste good and some people really enjoy eating them. It’s important to enjoy what we want but adding balance makes it easier and less guilt. This same method can be applied to snacks, it is always important to combine a carb and a protein. Serving a piece of fruit with some cheese for a balanced midday snack, is one way to apply this method. Follow me in my Facebook group and on Instagram for more meal ideas.

Updated: 2/23/2023