Ready? Set? Raid your kitchen!!!!

I have an idea. A really good one, actually! Let’s play a game!! Well, to me this is fun (don’t judge). What kind of game, you ask? It’s called “raid your kitchen.”This is a great activity to do before meal planning. This will help minimize waste and increase variety in your meals. By playing this game, you will have a visual of all of the ingredients that you aren’t using and brainstorm a way to utilize them!

How to play:

1) Grab a pen and paper.

2) Head to your kitchen. You can start in your pantry.

3) Make a list of the ingredients you have that you haven’t used in a while. 

4) Check expiration dates and if it’s still fresh, write it down, if it’s not, chuck it.

5) Repeat in the fridge and in the freezer.

6) Lastly, take a look at your list. Do any dishes come to mind? Try searching some cookbooks and/or Pinterest for some inspo!

 This is what I found in mine! By the looks of it, I have a nice amount of ingredients to bake some treats and blend some smoothies! Now I’m going to search Pinterest for some inspiration! 

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